Bows and Tutu's DIY

I was on a mission to make my daughter some tutus and bows. After finding many tutorials on Pinterest to make tutus I decided to make our daughter a tutu with some lace tulle that I had.

To make this pink lace tutu I cut it the fabric into about 6 in wide strips and double knotted them onto an elastic band that I measured to be her size. VERY easy and simple!

Hair bow I made to match her birthday party theme

This tutu I made with regular tulle. I did the same as above with the lace tulle but I really should have made the tulle strips longer. I cut them in total about 15 inches which it should have been more like 20 inches for a 2T size.

This fabric tutu I made with extra fabric that I had. I did everything the same as above with the tulle tutu but instead you only want to cut them to be about an inch wide so that the knot isn't too bulky. Also be aware when you cut fabric and do not sew the edges it will shed.. Very cute but you will need to clean up after it all day long!


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