Valentine's Decor

For our Valentine's decor this year I decided to make most of it instead of buying new stuff. My inspiration to be able to do so came from the wonderful Pinterest.. Here it is below..

I made paper heart garland. Totally simple and pretty self explanatory.. Cut paper strips, fold in half for the bottom of the heart then fold it in for the top and staple it and repeat by stapling them all together. Easy, fun and free because I already had everything for it..

Wood block letters... Really fun to make and easy. Paint them whatever color you like, then Mod Podge paper and letters on to say whatever you like!

Paper mache letters that I spray painted.. They were $1 at the craft store.. not bad!

This has to be my favorite decoration and the most time consuming. I had no idea how to get words nicely onto wood so after many tries I finally got it and from far away it looks great, just don't get too close, my first painting is a little sloppy.. But pretty easy.. Bought the hearts at the craft store and the ribbon, painted the hearts and stapled them to the ribbon. You could use vinyl for the wording, a stencil or hand paint them.


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