Easter Mantel

This year I have decided to start decorate more for the various holidays now that our daughter is getting older. Similar to what I did with Valentine's Day I decided I would also make a few new decorations for Easter and added them to our mantel. I first made a "Happy Easter" banner using my Silhouette die cut machine (if you haven't heard me rave about them you should check them out for yourself)

Then I made a simple egg decoration using buttons. I got an old frame from the thrift store and painted it yellow. I took the glass and other stuff out and cut a piece of white card stock paper to fit. I then drew a faint egg shape and began to fill it with buttons. I laid it all out first then went back and super glued all the buttons down! Easy, cheap and cute!

I also printed an Easter subway art picture from Eighteen 25 and put it into another old frame that I had purchased at the thrift store and repainted. It was also very easy and cheap to put together and it gave my mantel some fun pops of color!!

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  1. My first visit to your site. Love it. I am adding some of your kids projects to my Pinterest board under "Crafts for the Elderly".Thanks for such pretty projects.

    1. Thank you very much and thank you for coming to visit!

  2. Very beautiful decoration. I love the style., Lovely and sweet.


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