My Favorite cloth diaper products so far..

I am a couple weeks into our journey to cloth diaper our kiddos and so far I have found a few diapers and items that are SO amazing and I couldn't do without so I wanted to share them...

First off by far the most amazing diapers we have purchased are the SoftBums! I do not know what else to say about them other than they are perfect!! Very slim, easy one size adjustment, no leaks, soft on baby (inside and out), velcro is flexible so it doesn't jab into my sons tummy and SUPER cute!! Click on pictures below for more information on the diapers.

My second favorite thing is a diaper sprayer! After my daughter made her first poo in her diaper and I had the hardest time doing the "dunk and swish" method in the toilet I did some research and found this AMAZING invention. I purchased the BumGenius sprayer from a local store. Click the picture below for more information on the sprayer.

The next best invention for those who are still not into the whole dealing with poo thing is flushable diaper liners. They are a very thin liner that you put on top of the diaper so that when the baby poos all you have to do is pull the liner out which catches all the poo and flush it! Extremely simple and no mess to clean up!

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