Confessions of Our Double Strollers

When you find out that baby number two is on its way and you have another baby at home it is obvious you will be searching for the perfect double stroller... For us that search began while I was pregnant with our second child and now that he is almost 8 months old I finally feel our search is complete! I know that sounds a little insane but it took us going through 4 different strollers to find the perfect 2 that I think every family of two little ones should have on hand.

When I was pregnant we decided on purchasing the Chicco brand double stroller since that is the brand of infant carrier and single stroller that we had from when Hailey was an infant.

I did my research, heard the pros and cons but knew Chicco was a great company so I figured I would try especially since I found nearly a brand new one on Craigslist for $100 and they retail for $299..

So once our little Hudson arrived at only 5 days old we decided to head out on our first walk. This walk turned out to be a very short walk because this stroller was a tank to push around once it was loaded with a toddler and an infant carrier with a baby in it! This stroller was unbearable for me to push around on my own. We took the stroller on a few other walks but we had to keep them short, it was just too much! I attempted taking the stroller to the store and it was a nightmare trying to turn and maneuver around isles.. So I started my search again!

I consulted a few friends who had double strollers and did some more online research and decided my best bet would be to get a jogger stroller which has wheels that make the stroller super easy to push and turn. So after looking for a reasonably priced jogger I decided on the Baby Trend Navigator double jogger. Luckily I found one on Craigslist for a great deal so within just a few days of deciding on the stroller we had it in our home!

This stroller has been amazing!! It pushes like nothing is in it. You do not feel like you are pushing a tank around at all, it is more like you are pushing a light single stroller.. Some reviews said it was hard to push but the only time we found that true was when the tires were flat. My husband filled them back up with air and it was perfect again! We use this stroller for walks, if we were going to an outdoor event like the pumpkin patch, the zoo or something where we need to push around in the dirt/gravel. This stroller fit into the trunk of my Honda Accord and although it is big and a little heavy it is still the best bet for a jogger. It really is a breeze to push around! It also fits through my front door of my house and I heard it will fit through store/retail doors  as well but we have not tried it yet. This stroller also held my Chicco infant carrier and holds many other ones besides Baby Trend. This is one of the strollers that I feel all should have on hand when you have two little ones.

Although we love this stroller there are also places and times I would not recommend it for.. We went to a crowded outdoor Christmas lighting event with this stroller and we realized this was not the kind of stroller we should be taking to places like that. Since it is a big stroller it was hard to maneuver around all the people and not run them over in it. But while at the event we saw another family using a Baby Trend Sit n' Stand stroller. So the following day we looked into that stroller and found a great deal on one on Craigslist.

I found this stroller to be great to use when wanting to take both kids to the store when using an infant carrier. Although it was really long and it was hard to turn it was the most compact double stroller I could find that would fit my infant carrier. My daughter loved being able to sit on the bench. But in the end we really only used this a handful of times because of the hassle and the cons over weighed the pros. Although it had a big basket underneath there was no way to get a medium size diaper bag into it, the openings where just too small so I had to hang it on the handle and my daughter would just play with it the whole time. Also she could easily put her foot onto the tires and lock the breaks, and it was just too hard to turn the stroller and get around so we really just stopped using it.

Over the last few weeks I had been doing more planning for our upcoming Disneyland trip in the winter as well as thinking of our summer plans ahead. I began to think of what stroller we would bring and realized we just didn't have anything we would easily take that wasn't huge and that would hold the kids. So my research began yet again! I realized an umbrella stroller would be best. It is compact and we could take it in the car with all our luggage when we went on a trip and since my son is no longer in his infant carrier we did not need something to fit one.

So after much research we decided on the Maclaren Twin Techno and again found one on Craigslist for a great deal (oh how I love Craigslist...)

Now mind you we have only had this stroller for a couple weeks but I love it! The seats recline, the shade covers are nice and big, I love the handles to push, the storage baskets are great and there are great reviews on this stroller. This stroller holds newborns babies and up to 55 pounds in each seat and the seat reclines back far so you can use it right away with a small infant. The fold is very compact although it is a heavy stroller to carry it still pushes around great. We did try going on a walk with the stroller but it isn't the best for going on a brisk walk because you do have to work more at pushing than the joggers. So far we love this stroller and we feel our search for strollers is over and that is why I think if you have a double jogger for walks and outdoors and an umbrella double stroller like the Maclaren then you should be set! Hopefully this will help someone with their decision on their double stroller purchases!



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