Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Tulle tutu tutorial

I have posted in the past explaining how to make tutus with some that I have made for my daughter. While planning my son's first birthday I decided I would make her a fun tutu to match her top for the party. Here is a tutorial on how to make this tutu!  

I bought spools of tulle in 6in x 25yd in colors blue, red, yellow and pink. Cut them into 18inch strips. I cut as I went so I did not have extra strips laying around.

I used 1inch elastic that I measured to my daughters waist and sewed together.

I then put the elastic around a glass jug to hold while I added the tulle.

There are many ways to tie the tulle on the elastic but I wanted it to stay securely so I double knotted the tulle and tied it tight.

The pattern that I used was 6 pink, 4 yellow, 4 blue, 4 red and then repeated until done. 

My daughter's waist is 19.5 inches and with that I did not even use a full spool of each of the colors, maybe 1/3 of each so my guess in total you would use 1.5 spools.  

Here is the finished tutu:


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Thursday, July 19, 2012

Family update..

As we spend our very busy summer going nonstop I figured I would drop in for a quick blog update and kiddo update since it has been a long time.

First off HAPPY 10 MONTHS to our amazing Little Squish Boy!! He is growing up so fast and growing out of his baby stage FAST!!
PS.. You see this belly, cheeks and legs??? That's why Squish is the name :)

Hailey now at 2 and a half years old is taking everything in.. Literally!! She is amazing what she knows, what she can say and do.. She is like talking to an adult but at the same time I can hold and cuddle her like a little baby. She is now potty trained!! YAYAYAY.. Only one in diapers is pretty amazing might I add...

This summer we are trying to all stay sane while Lonnie works his tail off at his job right now and once it is complete at the end of the summer we plan to relax, take some trips and plan two of the most amazing birthday bashes for our precious kiddos! Have a great summer everyone!

My first fondant cake!!

I have gone from making LOTS and LOTS of cupcakes, to cake pops and now trying fondant!! I decided to use 4th of July and our family BBQ as a good excuse to make my first fondant cake. I made a moist chocolate cake with vanilla buttercream and covered it with Fondant. To my surprise it turned out amzing and the fondant even tasted delicious! I had store bought fondant in the past and some from a local bakery but I was not a fan of it at all. So I decided to give marshmallow fondant a try and it was awesome! I see many fondant cakes in my near future.. especially with having two little kiddos and many birthdays ahead!



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