Family update..

As we spend our very busy summer going nonstop I figured I would drop in for a quick blog update and kiddo update since it has been a long time.

First off HAPPY 10 MONTHS to our amazing Little Squish Boy!! He is growing up so fast and growing out of his baby stage FAST!!
PS.. You see this belly, cheeks and legs??? That's why Squish is the name :)

Hailey now at 2 and a half years old is taking everything in.. Literally!! She is amazing what she knows, what she can say and do.. She is like talking to an adult but at the same time I can hold and cuddle her like a little baby. She is now potty trained!! YAYAYAY.. Only one in diapers is pretty amazing might I add...

This summer we are trying to all stay sane while Lonnie works his tail off at his job right now and once it is complete at the end of the summer we plan to relax, take some trips and plan two of the most amazing birthday bashes for our precious kiddos! Have a great summer everyone!


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