Tulle tutu tutorial

I previously posted how to make tutus with multiple types of materials and today I am sharing more details on making this tulle tutu.

While planning my son's first birthday I decided I would make our daughter a fun tutu to match her shirt for the party. Here is a tutorial on how to make this tutu!  

I bought spools of tulle in 6in x 25yd in colors blue, red, yellow and pink. Cut them into 18inch strips. I cut as I went so I did not have extra strips laying around.

I used 1inch elastic that I measured to my daughters waist and sewed together.

I then put the elastic around a glass jug to hold while I added the tulle.

There are many ways to tie the tulle on the elastic but I wanted it to stay securely so I double knotted the tulle and tied it tight.

The pattern that I used was 6 pink, 4 yellow, 4 blue, 4 red and then repeated until done. 

My daughter's waist is 19.5 inches and with that I did not even use a full spool of each of the colors, maybe 1/3 of each so my guess in total you would use 1.5 spools.  

Here is the finished tutu:

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