Halloween Pumpkin Princess Costume

This year my daughter insisted on being a pumpkin for Halloween and during my search for pumpkin costumes I decided to let her pick. So she came to the computer to decide and said no to all of them! She then stated that she wanted to be a "Pumpkin Princess".... Now that is pretty hard to find.. More like impossible to find! SO I decided to get creative and make something that I can call a Pumpkin Princess. Which she actually went along with even though it wasn't very "Princess-y" (tiara, ball gown dress etc.)...

I searched our daughters dresser and found an orange pumpkin t-shirt and decided I could make a "pumpkin" tutu to match, a head piece (the top of the pumpkin) and a wand. She also insisted on wearing fairy wings with the costume as well (which I just bought at Target). I made a tutu just like the one in my past tutorial but I made it orange and went back over and did a shorter layer of green as the top of the pumpkin. In the end it came together and was really cute on her. A Pumpkin Princess she sure was!

She ditched the wings and wand at this point..
But still looked like the Princess that she is!

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