Last minute Halloween decor

I finally got my last minute Halloween decorations complete LAST NIGHT!! Talk about last minute for sure! Anyways I made a wreath for the inside of our front door because it looked bare. Then I made some wooden blocks that say Happy Halloween. Here they are:

I made the wreath using tulle tied around a foam circle that I made using foam pipe insulation. I then made some ribbon flowers and glued those on.  



  1. Girl, I am super impressed. My last minute is NEVER that cute! ;-)

  2. i always get everything up early and then i find a random box last minute that i forgot about and throw that up last minute. hey, at least we get them up right?!

    1. Exactly my thought! At least they were up and up for Halloween. I am even making some more Halloween stuff that will go straight into boxes for next year :0

  3. That wreath is so cute!

    New follower from the Social Stack Up.


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