Paper Wheel Tutorial

When I began the designing process of my son's Sesame Street 1st Birthday I knew I wanted to decorate the dessert table with some paper wheels. I really love the look of them and the pop they add to a party.

Because they were such a hit I decided to add a tutorial on how to make them. I know these are pretty easy and common sense to most crafters but when I first started making them I had a hard time trying to figure out a few tips and tricks to really get them to stay and work. From the glue to the size etc. I just wish I had someone to give me the how to. So for everyone out there that are not very experienced in making paper wheels this is for you!

The ones I made are about 8.5 inches wide since I used 8.5x11 paper. But you can also make bigger ones, use pattern paper, trim the edges to make points or rounded edges etc.

Here is the step by step process below:

The supplies that you will need: 2 pieces of 8.5x11 paper, a small piece of scratch paper, hot glue gun, and a paper cutter.

First cut your paper in half, length wise to make 4 sheets of 4.25x11

Begin to accordion fold your sheets of paper. I do a 1 inch fold and just eye ball it.
You want the folds to be as close to the same size as possible.
I also use something to help push down the edges so I do not have to use my fingers, especially when using heavy cardstock like this.

It should start to look like this

Now you need to take the ends of each piece and line them up so they all meet like in the picture above.

Add hot glue

Then press the two ends together.
Continue to glue all the ends together.

Once they are all glued you should have a long accordion.

Now take the two ends and bring together and glue them.

Now put it onto its edge and push down against a surface to make it pop out into the wheel shape.

This will usually try to pop back up so you want to use your scrap paper to hold the wheel together.

Determine what side you would like to be the back and add the scrap piece of paper with hot glue to the center hole.

Hold for a minute to dry.

I found that in the front of the wheel the paper would still pull apart even with the piece on the back.
I then add a good amount of hot glue into this hole from the front then push the paper wheel together to get the center like in the picture below.
Some people add a contrasting circle on the front as well to hold it and to cover the center to give it more color and/or a different look.

The completed Paper Wheel

The Paper Wheels at my son's birthday

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