Tutorial: How to make Felt Flowers

Felt flowers are very popular right now and while I was making a big one for an over-sized hair clip for my daughter I decided to make a tutorial for you all. These are very simple and you can do so much with them. Make them small, big, cut them with a curved edge etc. 
I decided to go with circles this time and I made it pretty big. 

Here is the step by step instructions below:

The supplies that you will need: felt in your desired color, scissors, glue gun and something to determine your cut out size, an object or a cut out of a flower. 
I used the spool of a ribbon.. This made the end result pretty big.

Trace out 10 circles and cut them out.

Use a scrap and cut a smaller circle out for your base to glue them onto.

Take one of your 10 circles and fold them in half.

Fold them in half again.

Add hot glue to the folded tip and lay it down flat on the circle and press down.

Just like this.

Do the same for another circle and lay it next to the previous circle like in the picture above.

Add two more folded circles to make your bottom layer.
 Then you are going to repeat this layer with 4 more circles stacked on top of the bottom layer. 
Take the last two circles fold and glue like the others but stand them up side by side in the center. 

You should have something like this when done.

My daughter :)

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