Kids Christmas Art Projects

Now that the house is decorated for Christmas I thought what better way to get the kids into the spirit of the holiday, then with some Christmas art! We spent our Sunday morning making all these awesome projects mainly using the kids' hands, feet or finger prints. Take a look and see how to do these projects with your little ones.

Hand Print Tree
Use hand prints for the tree with green paint
Paint on the trunk and star
Once the tree is dry use finger print for the lights

Finger Print Snowmen and Reindeer
Use thumb print for body of Snowmen and Reindeer
Once dry paint the rest of the accents
Use sponge brush for snow

Hand Print Reindeer
This guy is very easy, ours got a little messy when my daughter moved her fingers :)
Use hand print in a brown color 
Once dry paint on the Reindeer face

Foot Print Tree
Use foot print in green
Once dry paint on light string and star
Once that dries use finger tip to make lights

Strand of Lights
Use multiple colors using thumb prints to make lights
Once dry connect them with black lines
My daughter insisted on doing another  thumb print Reindeer as well :)

This has to be my favorite project
Use the kids' feet print for the "Mistletoe" 
Once dry paint on Ribbon, lettering and polka dots

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