My Thrift Store Finds

Totally random post for the day but I just had to share my thrift store finds from last week. If you do not shop at thrift stores this might encourage you to do so. I went to our local store and they had the whole store for 50% off so I did my first purchase, went home thought about some other things I could use and went back. Take a look:

In this purchase I got:
Scarecrow decor (used in my Fall Mantel)
2 pumpkins for decor (used in my Fall Mantel)
Picture frame (used in my Fall Mantel)
3 wooden items to paint (sled and 2 plaques)
Fall basket
Pumpkin shape baking dish
4th of July bucket
Sugar and Creamer light pink set
3 small Pyrex bowls
Set of 4 Pyrex mixing bowls
Christmas angel
5 items of clothing for my kids
4 bunches of fabric that were 1 yard or larger each

In this purchase I got:
Black and white fabric
5 picture frames
7 candle holders
1 vase
15 coffee cups (using for gift ideas)

See what I am saying? Pretty hard to resist when you get such great deals!
Most of these items will be used for making new decor, some gift basket ideas for Christmas etc.

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  1. I just recently got into thrifting and I LOVE IT!! You got some great stuff!

    Meg @

    1. Its a fun hobby and Its the best when you get such great deals!

  2. I love thrift store shopping! You can find some true gems :)

    1. Yes you can! I find sometime the most random but most awesome things!

  3. I love to thrift store shopping. I don't get to do it as often I like though. I found you throw the CHQ blog hop and I'm now your newest follower!


    1. It is a lot of fun! Thanks for coming by to visit and following!

  4. I love thrifting for treasures! I am big into finding vintage pyrex.

    1. Pyrex has to be one of the best and the bowls I got were awesome with a floral print on them like I have never seen before.

  5. You sure hit the jackpot with all your finds. So glad you found so many great deals. I would love to find some of the Pyrex ware.
    We live in Grand Junction, CO area and prices have skyrocketed. Even our little local thrift shop has gone crazy with the prices. What I got 2 months ago for $1 is now $3.00 can you imagine? That's just one little item. Everything in that store has gone up 100% or more. Duh, people it's a thrift store. I asked why the prices had gone up so much and was told their expenses had gone up so they had to raise them and i asked why 100% or more and was told if I didn't like the prices I shouldn't come back. I've been a regular supporter of that thrift store both with my business and giant amount of donations. Don't think so anymore. Our donations will go to another source even if we have to take them into G.J. which we live about 15 miles from.
    Everybody that works there is a volunteer so they don't have that expense. I used to be able to go in there to buy furniture but now they've raised that ridiculously. They had 3 stools that they wanted $15 each for. Excuse me.
    Our Goodwill is ridiculous also. Maybe it's just the west part of U.S. that's so high. Housing here is sky high and has been since before we moved here 8 yrs. ago. didn't even go down with the recession. If I could I'd move away from here. Sorry for the rant, it's hard enough with everything else going up trying to live on SS. Groceries here are out of sight also.

    1. YES I totally agree prices are getting insane at a lot of the stores. I probably wouldnt buy much of anything from the stores unless they were on sale. That is insane how expensive things are getting around you. It really is weird and frustrating how the prices rise so much :(

  6. You did such a good job. I have no coffee cups anymore! They all broke last year :( New follower from the blog hop and would love a follow back! XO

    1. Thank you and thank you for coming by to visit and follow! I am a new follower of yours!


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