November Sponsor Spotlight

If you have not noticed already I recently added some new pages to my blog, one being Sponsorship. Each month I will be introducing my sponsors to you all. This month I have some amazing Sponsors that I would like to share with you. 

First I would like you to all meet Lesley from By the Porchlight:

Hi there! I'm Lesley, a twenty-something living in Newfoundland. By the Porchlight is my latest endeavor in living a creative life. I blog about craftiness & DIY, food and good books, travel and adventure and lots of little things in between. I'd love for you to come visit!


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Meet Britney from Jesse's Girl:

Meet Sarah from Fontenot Four:

The Fontenot Four

Meet Stacey from Glued to my Crafts

Meet Analilia from Ride The Spiral:

And last but definitely not least meet Stefani from Miss Jo and Co.:

Miss Jo and Co.

Thank you to all my sponsors!

If you are interested in sponsorship please visit here for more information.



  1. I am so excited to be sponsoring your cute blog! Yay for California bloggers!

    1. Aw thank you! Great to have you on here and be on your blog too!

  2. Love your blog layout! Following you back!

  3. Hi Nichole! New follower here, and love your blog. I must say though that I love your kitchen more though! The pics below are just beautiful and I love the granite selection you have!


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