Tutorial: Sensory Glitter Bottles

When my daughter hit the worst part of her "terrible two's" stage I looked into anything and everything I could do to help her, help us and how to take her mind away from the situation and get her concentrating on something else. I have heard people talk about using sensory type bottles on times outs, when potty training, in car rides etc. to keep their child calm, to change their mind set and to have a fun new toys to play with. I was pretty desperate for some ideas for time outs so I gave these Glitter Sensory Bottles a try and they were a huge hit! She would actually sit on her time out somewhat calm and pay attention to these bottles. Once she was over them for time outs we used them to help on the potty and they were a success in that department as well. I have had many friends asking how to make them so I decided I would share it with you all. 

The supplies you will need: Empty water bottle, cheap clear hair gel, glitter glue, glitter, hot glue gun and HOT water. (most supplies I got from the local dollar store: Gel, glitter glue and glitter)

These directions and amounts are for using a 1 pint size water bottle (16.9 fl oz)
Fill your water bottle about 3/4 of the way full with very HOT water
Add about 2 Tablespoons of the hair gel and 2 Tablespoons glitter glue
Close the lid and shake vigorously
Once the mixture looks mixed well add about 2 teaspoons of glitter
Close the lid and shake vigorously again
I would then recommend leaving the bottle to set for awhile as there is probably a lot of bubbles that have formed. Once it has set determine if it is the flow and consistency that you want. 
You can always add more glitter, do less, add more water to make it flow faster etc. 
Just play with it until it is perfect for you.
Once you are done hot glue the lid on the bottle.
I hope you enjoy them!

My bottle once it settled

Getting it to mix

Once it was all mixed and flowing :)

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