Disney Road Trip Gift Baskets

As you might have picked up on, we are driving the 8 hours down to Disneyland for our daughters 3rd birthday. Considering we are doing this with a 3 year old and a 15 month old I knew we needed a lot of entertainment and new fun toys to get us through the trip there and back. 

I put together each of the kids a gift basket filled with fun Disney themed items of stuff I picked up from a few different stores. Take a look:

I purchased the storage bins at Joann Fabrics on clearance and figured I could use them for storage in their bedrooms after the trip
I then printed their names using the Disney font on colored paper and pasted that to the bin

Considering how young our son is, he won't be getting as much stuff as our daughter 
He will have more "baby" toys in the car to play with as well

Books for him to flip through

I went mainly "Princess" theme with our daughters since she is going through a Princess stage in life :)

Hailey's includes coloring books, crayons, note books, temporary tattoos, counting cards, a toy camera, toy phone, Stitch coin purse, ball, 2 crowns, lots of books and a Minnie Mouse 

I even used some of the books we already had for the baskets.
I took them out of Hailey's bedroom about 2 months ago and stored them away for her to forget about them until the trip :)

Update: These were a hit on our trip and kept the kids busy for a long time!

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