Fingerprint Heart Place Cards

If you are a follower you probably can see by now I love doing arts and crafts with my daughter that involve using her hand print, footprint, fingerprint etc. I think they are so fun to look back on and know she truly created it. 

Today my daughter and I practiced making fingerprint hearts then made place cards with the hearts on them for our Valentine's dinner next week. 

Practicing the hearts..
It is very simple if you want to try just two fingerprints overlapping! 

Having fun making dots :)

Once things got good and Mommy was helping

Our place cards all done!

I absolutely love the look that the hearts give the cards. 
They look very unique over something I could have just printed off the computer. 

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  1. wow! lovely/

  2. these are super cute!! Another fun fingerprint craft for Valentines is to draw little legs on a single fingerprint to make them look like bugs. I did this with my 1 yr. old last year and they were so adorable! The Grandparents loved them!

    1. Thank you! I love that idea. We have made some animals before like bunnies but little bugs would be fun :)


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