Valentine's Glitter Letters

Last year I bought these paper mache letters and spray painted them for my Valentine's Mantel

I liked them at the time but this year the colors and finish didn't work for our decor, so I decided to give them a little makeover. 

Originally I was going to Mod Podge some scrapbook paper on them but then I saw tons of glitter accents on Pinterest for mantels using letters and other objects and I fell in love. So I decided to Mod Podge some glitter on them. 

First I covered them with a basic red acrylic paint to take away the intense gloss they had from last year.

Then I added a layer of Mod Podge.

I used fine red glitter to sprinkle heavily over the Mod Podge.

Let it sit for a minute.

Then shake off the access glitter.

And ta-da they are done!

I am so much happier now that some sparkle has been added to my mantel and in years to come they should match all my decor!

Now that my Valentine's Decor has a new addition I think I am done with decorating for Valentine's Day.. YAY! Now to focus on our Valentine's Day plans...

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