Valentine's Q-tip Painting

Today I am sharing with you my daughters wood heart that she painted for her Daddy using Q-tips.

I had this wood heart sitting around that we had purchased from Michael's a while back. 
I painted it a solid teal then let her have at it once it was dry.

I gave her some Q-tips to decorate with and she loved it. 
She didn't really do so much of the dotting with them the entire time, she is a toddler with her own imagination so she just went crazy but in the end I love it because it shows her true self in the project. 

She had to decorate the paper too she said :)

She was so happy once it was all done and said she was so happy to give it to her Daddy.

Once it was try I also gave it a spray of a satin clear finish to seal it and give it some shine. 

Need some fun art for kids for this Valentine's Day? Check out my daughters fun projects here.

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  1. For a toddler she did a darned good job of painting. Love the color scheme with the aqua. You'll be keeping things like that to show your kids when they grow up. I still have a few things even after many years and many moves. There are some things just meant to be kept. Her little hands are so sweet.

    1. Thank you :) She is getting really good at and loving to do arts and crafts. Its fun to see what she can do now days. I love all these projects that can be kept forever :)

  2. What a cute craft! I am always looking for ideas to tuck away until my daughter is older, thanks for sharing! I just clicked over from the Mingle Together blog hop and I am now your newest follower.

    1. Thank you :) These are fun projects that can be kept forever! Thank you for coming by and following I am your newest follower as well :)

  3. Oh that is too cute! I bet she just had the best time in the world making that for her Daddy. So sweet!

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  6. This is such a cute idea! I bet he loved it!

  7. Very creative :-)

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