Bunny Wreath Tutorial

Happy -Almost- Easter everyone!! 
As we are approaching another holiday I cannot pass up the chance to make new decorations and show off some fun tutorials. 
Today I am sharing with you this adorable tutorial on how to make a bunny wreath. This wreath will look like a bundle of fun on your door yet it is super easy. Here is the how to:

I first took a long foam pipe insulator and cut it into two pieces to form a small and medium size circle. These pipe insulators can be purchased from a home improvement store for about ONE dollar!
Just hold the ends together and duck tape them.

To cover up the darker color I used some white yarn, since that is what I had, and I covered both circles completely. You could also use ribbon, fabric scraps or just purchase the white foam wreaths from the craft store.  

Next I took a set of bunny ears that I purchased from the dollar store and hot glued them on to the ribbon covered wreath. Then take a feather boa and cover the circle, hot gluing the beginning and the end of the boa to the wreath.. I used one boa for this circle and it barely fit so I left the bottom open since I knew I was going to cover it anyways with a bow. 

For the bottom circle I used 2 boas to cover the wreath. 

Take two zip ties and connect the two circles together. Trim access from zip ties.

Add some type of matching fun bow

And TA-DA!! You are done!

This is a very fun and easy project to get Easter decorating started in your house.

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