DIY Felt Flowers

I am a huge fan of making felt flowers and I shared a tutorial in the past how to make one type of flower. Felt flowers seem very popular these days out in the crafting world so today I am sharing a tutorial on how to make two different types of felt flowers for those of you who do not already know. At the end of the week you will see my project that I made using these flowers as well. 

To start off for this flower you will use two different size piece of felt, cut them to be 3x6 and 4x5.

Start with the 4x5 piece and fold it in half length wise.

Use scissors and cut strips on the folded side going towards the open ends but do not cut all the way through
(See pictures)

Use a hot glue gun and put a line of glue across the whole bottom

Quickly roll the felt up before the glue dries.

This is what you should have. This will be the inside piece to the flower.

Then take your 3x6 piece and cut it just like above and put a line of glue at the bottom. Then you will roll this around the first one gluing them together. 

TA-DA! This is what you should have.

For the next flower you will cut just one piece of felt at 3x12.
Cut the strips, glue a line at the bottom and roll.

This is the bottom side :)

TA-DA! This is what this flower should look like.

Side by side they are both different and fun flowers to add some fun to your next project!

At the end of the week I will be sharing my DIY project using these flowers above.

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  1. wow amazing:)

  2. Happy Monday Nichole
    So glad you posted how to make the felt flowers. They are very cute and so versatile. They sure look easy to do. I'm wondering if I couldn't also use some heavier fabric to make them as long as it has enuf body. HL has some really pretty light canvas like fabric I could use for these. Oh "duck" fabric is what it's called. Was having a serious sr. moment, couldn't remember what it was called.(See what you get to look forward getting older. You've got a long time before it happens to you.)
    I've mopped myself in so thought I'd peruse blog posts, see if there's something I might want to make. I really enjoy projects that are multi-use. Made myself a small St.Pats wreath earlier but got the impulse to get some of my "keeping things clean" chores done. Even with just the two of us (and big dog and cat) things still get messy/dirty. Just about the time the ground dries out it either rains or snows, groan and big dog has big feet and he sheds constantly.
    Great post, have happy week with those two adorable little ones and of course your hubs.

    1. Good morning,
      Thank you :) Yes I am sure you can use other fabrics as well like you said as long as they are heavy so that they still stick up. Might have to try that :) Have a great rest of the week and weekend!


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