DIY Grey, Yellow and Black Wreath

I previously shared with you how to make two types of felt flowers as well as two types of fabric flowers. These flowers are what I used for my wreath that I will be sharing with you today. 
I am totally loving the yellow, grey and black colors and patterns together and while at the fabric store I found some of these fabrics and knew I had to make something fun with them. So here it is: 

For this wreath I decided to use some grey yarn to cover it.
Start by securing the end with a piece of tape and begin wrapping.

I usually wrap around the wreath many times then slide it all together and tighten it. 

This is what you should start to have.

Once you are done wrapping hot glued down the end to the back side of the wreath.
Check out the tutorials on how to make Felt and Fabric Flowers and then glue these onto the wreath however you like and you are DONE!

This is my finished wreath! I am completely in LOVE with these colors and look forward to redesigning our master bedroom to have this theme soon :)

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