Fabric Flower Tutorial

Today I am sharing with you how to make two types of fabric flowers. I am using these for a project that I will share at the end of the week. These flowers are such fun accents that can be added to a purse, a sweater, a hair clip etc.

To start I cut strips of fabric to be anywhere from 2x20 to 3x20 and some 4x20 or even longer.

For the next step you are going to take a strip and fold it in half and sew along the open side.

But FIRST: if you do not have a ruffler foot on your machine, then to help the fabric ruffle you want to first set your stitch length to be the longest length AND set your tension to the highest number (the tightest).
This will actually make the fabric ruffle a bit on its own and it will do more or less depending on the fabric you are using. (see picture below)
NOTE: If you are not using a ruffler foot do not back stitch your fabric because you will want to make the fabric more ruffled when done by pulling the strings to gather the fabric (shown below) 

This is how much my machine ruffles these fabrics with the settings. 

Sew all your strips like this and remember to not back stick them.

If you did not use a ruffler foot you are then going to sit down with all your strips and a movie and make them more ruffled looking. For doing this you are going to take the two strings on the end and hold one of the strings and pull the string while pushing the fabric away from you making the fabric ruffle together. 

This was mine once ruffled more.

Tie off the two strings together in a double knot. Cut off access string.

Next you are going to hot glue along the bottom where the stitch is 

Then roll the flower and continue to glue and roll until you are at the end.

This is what you will have


Next I will show you how to make fabric rosettes. 
These are one of my favorite fabric flowers by far. 
You can make them look as tight or as loose as you want.

For these take your strip and fold them in half. 
Start by rolling a couple inches of the fabric from one end. This will be the center of your flower.

Once you have your center you are then going to wrap the fabric around that center and hot glue it together as you go. The trick is to twist the fabric as you wrap it around the flower. This is where you can pull it tight or do it more loose to make a bigger flower. 

This is what you will have on the bottom. 
The little tail in the middle is your center that you started with and is what I use as my handle to hold while twisting and gluing. Put a dab of glue on bottom and glue down the center tail. Then add another dab and glue down the tail of the end of the flower. 

This is the bottom

This is the top

TA-DA! All complete!

This week I will be sharing my DIY project using all these flowers. 
Check out the DIY Felt Flower I shared for this project at well. 


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