Kid's Easter Art

In the spirit of the Easter holiday ahead the kids and I had a day of making some fun art work and I wanted to share it with you all today.

First we made this fun bouquet of hand print flowers. It was simple do three hand prints then free hand paint the stems and bow. It turned out so fun and I love this color combo.

Next we made some hand print bunnies. 
Steps: Paint hand and fingers white except the thumb, when pressing down spread fingers to make the ears, dip one finger in pink paint and go over the ears then paint on the face accents with a brush.

Next up my daughter did some cookie cutter paintings using a bunny shape. Its very simple idea dip cookie cutter and put on paper :) See my Valentine's Cookie Cutter Art post as well. 

Next up we made some baby chicks using feet print. Beyond easy, paint feet yellow, press on paper then paint on eyes and beaks with brush.

Next I printed out some silhouettes of the shape of an egg and turned the paper over and let my daughter free paint on the paper how every she wanted. 

When she was done and once it was dried I turned it over and cut out the egg shape and we had some painted eggs!

I loved the colors she used together and how they turned out. 

Here is our art display all decked out in our current projects. Also check out the Tissue Paper Egg my daughter made. So fun and easy!

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