Deciding On Paint Colors...

As you may have read by now we have sold our house and purchased a new home. The new house is all original 70's.... yes paint, carpet and all! So we have a huge project on our hands right now. 

Before we had possession of the new house we tried to plan out as much as possible before hand so that we were ready to go the moment we got keys. I ended up picking out all the paint for the rooms ahead of time and I wanted to share this awesome tip that I used with you all. 

Since we were in our home that we were selling at the time we were not able to just paint samples all over our walls. So I took cheap paper plates and painted the sample colors on them. I originally was going to have my husband take a big piece of plywood and paint it white so that I could paint the samples onto the big piece of wood. But in the end it was a good thing he was too busy to do that for me because once I decided to paint on the plates the idea was so much more convenient. I went through many color samples that I did not like so I was able to just throw those paper plates away, then the ones that I did like they were easy to carry to stores with me to pick out decor and they were easy to take around the house and put against different walls and color decor to see if they matched instead of taking around a huge piece of plywood. I know this might not be the most amazing idea out there but I had to share because it was just so convenient for me and a great solution to have our paint colors at hand.

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