Making My First Minky Blanket

I am so beyond excited to share with you all today my first ever minky blanket that I made.

I wanted to have a blanket made for our daughters big girl bedroom using this fabric that I purchased from Hobby Lobby. Once I received the fabric in the mail, I washed it and laid it all out on the floor to see how big I could get it... I then realized I could probably sew it on my own since it was a basic triangle. So I turned to Pinterest of course to find some tips on working with minky fabric and I was even more excited when I realized it was totally do-able for me. 

I purchased 2 yards of each of the fabrics and laid them on the floor with the right sides facing together. 

I trimmed the minky fabric to match the size of the cotton fabric since it was a lot wider.

Then I went around and pinned the two together like crazy.. about every 1.5-2 inches

Next I sewed a seam around the entire blanket leaving a 5 inch opening for turning the blanket right side out.
Once I turned the blanket out I then pinned the blanket again every 1.5-2 inches because I wanted to make sure it was held together well. Lastly to finish it off I did a stitch around the entire blanket. 

In the end I literally jumped up and down for joy that it actually turned out so well! I am beyond excited how it looks and I cannot wait to see it in our daughters big girl bedroom and hopefully be able to make more of these blankets again soon! 

Check out my daughters completed Big Girl Bedroom

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