4th of July Kid's Art Projects

Today I am sharing with you some fun 4th of July inspired art projects that my daughter and I worked on this week. For each holiday I love doing art projects with my kids that fit the holiday and of course I love to use their hands, feet, finger prints or other fun items to make a fun masterpiece.

My favorite of the three projects that we did was painting fire works. To do this I took pipe cleaners and cut them into small pieces and twisted them together to get this piece below. Be sure to twist one going upward to create a handle for them to hang onto.

Dip it into red and blue paint and place onto paper.. Do 2-3 layers on each one to make them have multiple lines and colors. 

I love the way these turned out!

Next we did a very simple hand and finger painting of the red flag. As you can see it is a simple blue hand in the top left corner then have them make some red lines going across.

Totally simple and looks adorable in the end! 

Lastly we had to do a cookie cutter painting with starts to fit the theme. This is one of her favorite projects because it is a very simple project and she loves to use the different shapes and colors to make a collage.

Take a look at the heart painting she did for Valentine's day and the bunny painting for Easter all out of cookie cutters. Can't you tell this is her favorite? 

Here are some other holiday theme art projects we have done: Christmas, Valentine's DayEaster, and Thanksgiving.

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