Bow Holder Tutorial


If you have browsed my blog in the past you might have seen my post over a year ago showing off the bow holder I made to match our daughters bedroom. When we decided we would be moving I decided to make her new bedroom into a "big girl bedroom" and surprise her. So I of course re-did her bow holder to match the decor and thought I would share this project.

This has to be the easiest project ever. You literally take a frame, spray paint it to your desired color then take the glass or plastic that comes with the frame or if there isn't any you could even use cardboard, and you want to cover that with your fabric and tape it tightly to the back.

Pick out matching ribbon and tape the ends on the back side as well. I did 3 rows of ribbon on this frame. The frame was a cheap frame that I bought at ikea so it just had some thin plastic that I covered. Lastly you want to assemble the frame and hang it! It really was so easy.. the hardest part was deciding which color to paint the frame :)

Check out my daughters completed Big Girl Bedroom.

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