Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Halloween Kid's Art Projects

In the spirit of Halloween my daughter and I spent the other afternoon making a few art projects to add to our art display and today I am sharing the projects with you. 

My favorite are these adorable Ghost feet

It was very simple, just paint their feet white and add the black accents with either a pen or a paint brush.

This adorable little Frankenstein was easy and done by painting the palm of the hand green and the four fingers black then adding the facial accents once dried. 

Here is a candy corn foot print that we did as well which was easily done by painting the three colors on the foot.

And lastly by my daughters request she wanted to make pink and purple witches with her feet! 

Check out our art project from last Halloween as well.

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Monday, October 7, 2013

Cinderella Birthday Party Ideas

So after months and months of my daughter being insistent on having a Sofia the First birthday party the tables turned a few weeks ago when she began asking for different themed parties. She absolutely LOVES Cinderella and asked many times to have a Cinderella party. So after sitting down and finalizing that Cinderella was our final decision the planning began rather quickly. 

I do have to say I was relieved that the theme changed to Cinderella since she is one of my favorite Princesses and I grew up watching and loving this movie as well. 

It has always been so fun to hear my daughter talk about her favorite parts of the movie and she absolutely loves the mice and loves the part where they make Cinderella her gown for the ball. My daughter loves the songs they sing and all. So I decided this would be a fun part of the movie to throw into the mix of the decorations. 

These are the scenes in the movie that really sparked my interest for a specific area that I want to decorate at the party.

The birds and flowing ribbon are a favortie

Now that you have an idea of some of my inspiration from the movie here are some things that I found while browsing Pinterest that I also found inspiring. 

I absolutely love this party shown over at Modern Chic Tots. The subtle color scheme really sparked my interest because I really liked how it wasn't so over powering.  

I loved the colors used in this Cinderella Party shown on Kara's Party Ideas. This clock was one of my favorite aspects of the party. 

I LOVE these adorable paper wheels that are made to look like clocks that Idea Event Style sells on Etsy.

I of course fell in love with this party that is shown on Catch My Party. This specific table is my favorite because it really resembles the scenes from the movie above that my daughter loves and that I am focusing on for a part of the decor. 

This will be the adorable dress my daughter will wear to the party. A good friend of mine introduced me to this shop on Etsy called Greensies. She makes such adorable and fun toddler dresses in all different characters. She will also be making a dress to resemble the pink dress above that the animals and mice made Cinderella. 

I fell in love with this cake that is shown on The Little Housewife. I love the ruffles around the cake and of course back to that same scenes from above it resembles the birds working on the dress. 

My favorite party of this Cinderella party done by Trista Sutter's and shown on Ander's Ruff is the color scheme. I love the mix of the pink and the blue and white. These light colors will be colors that I incorporate into my daughters party as well. 

Again back to reflecting the scenes above, I could not help but fall in love with this party that is shown over at Alan Phillip Photography. I have no idea what that pink dress is made out of but I LOVE it! 

This is also from the same party at Alan Phillip Photography  and again I just love the subtle color scheme and of course the birds with the ribbon on top is a favorite.

This Cinderella Party shown on Kara's Party Ideas I just had to share. Although it is not what I am going for in my daughters party I still love all the details that were put into the party. 

This adorable wreath from The Knock Knock Factory on Etsy gave me an awesome idea to have something like this on the front door for when guests arrive. Something to just add a little bit of color to the door. 

This is another aspect that I absolutely love from the Cinderella party over at Modern Chic Tots. The mice are my daughters favorite so a piece like this would be fun to have.

To see more of my Cinderella Party Inspiration visit my Pinterest page and check out my Cinderella Party Board.

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Friday, October 4, 2013

Disney Savings Jar

Today I am sharing with you this fun project I did this week which was turning our coin jar into a 
Disney Fund jar. If you do not already know I am a HUGE Disney fan! I love the movies, the Disney store but most of all... Disneyland!! Being in Disneyland gives me such great joy and is truly the most amazing place on earth to me. Therefore I needed to start a savings for this obsession because it isn't cheap!

First I took a jug that we had gotten apple juice in and thoroughly washed and dried it.  

On my Silhouette machine I used the Disney font and a Mickey head cut out as the design for the jar.

I cut the design out onto vinyl and used transfer paper to attach the vinyl to the jar.


This is a fun way to make any fund jar look more appealing, so give it a try!
Anytime I add money to it I get excited that I am one step closer to going back to Disneyland!

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