Disney Savings Jar

Today I am sharing with you this fun project I did this week which was turning our coin jar into a 
Disney Fund jar. If you do not already know I am a HUGE Disney fan! I love the movies, the Disney store but most of all... Disneyland!! Being in Disneyland gives me such great joy and is truly the most amazing place on earth to me. Therefore I needed to start a savings for this obsession because it isn't cheap!

First I took a jug that we had gotten apple juice in and thoroughly washed and dried it.  

On my Silhouette machine I used the Disney font and a Mickey head cut out as the design for the jar.

I cut the design out onto vinyl and used transfer paper to attach the vinyl to the jar.


This is a fun way to make any fund jar look more appealing, so give it a try!
Anytime I add money to it I get excited that I am one step closer to going back to Disneyland!

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