Disney Countdown

Who wouldn't be overly excited for a Disneyland trip??!! Well I know my family is beyond anxious for our upcoming trip and in honor of the never ending "when are we going? when are we going?" I made this fun Disney Countdown!

We will be headed back to Disneyland for our son's 3rd birthday this year and after the success of our last trip for our daughters 3rd birthday even my husband and I are excited for this trip! So I would be lying if I said this wasn't for me as well :)

The concept of this countdown is basically that each chain link represents 1 day until we leave. I also added to the wall a written countdown using chalkboard Vinyl that I cut with my silhouette machine as well as a fun activity of the things we look forward to. As the days go on and I hear the kids saying more and more things they are excited for then I can add those to other Mickey silhouettes on the wall. 

To start the chain links. You can either cut by hand or like me use a Silhouette die cut machine. I used this template for the Mickey Ear links then simply used the cut tool and cut the ears off for the plain links. 

I also cut out small circles for the Mickey dots on the red links but you can also use a hole punch as well. In the end you should have a pile like this of the 4 colored links and dots.

Starting with a Mickey head begin linking the chains together by stapling the strips together. 

Once you have all the links in place, find a place to hang it up. 

Once hung I adjusted my links to hide the staples then glued the white dots onto the red links.

For this part of I used my Silhouette machine and cut out extra Mickey silhouettes to add what we were looking forward to. It's a great way to get excited for the trip.

 Now it's all done!! Very simple but very fun way to count down to your next Disney trip!

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