Friday, February 21, 2014

Big Boy Bedroom Inspiration

The time has finally come that I get to change my son's nursery into a big boy bedroom! He turned 2 years old in September and I have been pondering ideas since before his birthday of what we could do. My first thought was to go full on nautical themed and while I love the colors and will be using that color scheme I also want to incorporate other things that he loves as well. 

My son has a deep love for airplanes and "boy stuff" so I wanted to be able to have a variety of object in the decor and not just boats. I recently remembered that some time ago I pinned this adorable wall decal from the Etsy shop House Hold Words and I realized it
 was perfect!

I want to use this decal but instead it is going to say Planes, Trains, Boats and Toys which helps incorporate all the elements of the room that I want. So with this being the main focal point above his bed I will decorate with items that include planes, trains and boats. 

Here are swatches of the fabric I will be using. The color scheme I am using is a light blue, navy blue, red, white and a grey.

I am a huge fan of pennant banners and love the way they look when added to a bedroom or party decor so when I saw this one on Etsy by Blue Moon Studios I knew I wanted to make something similar but using my color scheme above.

I found this adorable room set up over at Pottery Barn Kids and fell in love with the theme of trains. It is such a great idea and of course the colors match my vision for my son's room as well.

This bedroom has to be my favorite that I came across over at Thrifty Decor Chick. While it is an all plane themed bedroom the colors and accents are beautiful together and she did a great job putting together her son's bedroom. My favorite has to be this wooden plane as well as the propeller she painted and hung on the wall.

Over at Posh Paper Parties Co you can find this adorable pennant banner for sale but I not only like the banner I absolutely love the display and the entire bedroom's colors and the pillows.

Lastly I love this bedroom that was shown on Project Nursery. My favorite part is that you get to see the light blue color of the walls mixed with the navy curtains and bedding and the pennant banners. My son's wall have been painted a light blue since moving into our new house so this has given me a great idea of what his room will come together to look like. 

Head over to my Pinterest board Big Boy Bedroom Inspiration for more fun ideas:

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Monday, February 17, 2014

DIY Bean Bag Toss

For my son's second birthday this last fall we had a Farm/Barnyard birthday party for him. 
My amazing father contributed a ton of his time to help create some amazing pieces for his party and one being this bean bag toss game that we had. He is a carpenter by trade so this was a fun project for him. 

I came up with the idea after my son's first birthday when my mom suggested that my father should have made a bean bag toss board out of cookie monster for his party. I always kept the idea in the back of my mind and the moment I knew he was going to have a Farm Party I told my Dad that I wanted a barn made. My father had a scrap piece of wood that he sanded down,  he cut the shape and some trim pieces and I painted it red and white.

Now mind you not everyone is a carpenter and can make something so easily but this game can also be made with a large piece of cardboard, a thin piece of plastic or another similar material.

The best part about this game is how easy the bean bags were to make. 

I simply took burlap and cut two squares per bag into 5"x5" squares. 
Sew the two pieces together around the edges leaving a small hole on the top open to fill with beans.

I bought a cheap bag on pinto beans from Target.

Fill the bean bags about 3/4 of the way full then sew the top hole closed.
Because they were not completely full it was easy to use my sewing machine to close them up and not have to hand stitch them. 

Once you have all the sides sewn pull the access burlap strings off the sides and you are done!

This game was a fun addition to his party and it is a great game to have now to keep forever! 

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Thursday, February 13, 2014

Happy Valentine's Day--Dinner

Happy Valentine's Day to all! I hope you all are able to be surrounded by your loved ones on this day and are reminded how special you are to others..

Today I am going to give you a little peak back on my Valentine's Day dinner last year to maybe give some last minute inspiration for your dinner this year. Enjoy!


Although Valentine's Day isn't really much of a holiday I still had planned some fun activities and to make some theme appropriate food throughout the day while celebrating with the kids. But then a couple days before Valentine's Day the kids were hit with a pretty nasty cold so our Valentine's Day was very low key and consisted of preparing for dinner and enjoying a good meal in the evening.

Take a look at what I whipped up:

Our table setting... I was way too tired to do much with it, kinda plain :(

Our awesome salad.. Yes those are heart shaped cucumbers.. 

I used my heart shaped fondant cutters to cut the hearts out then Hailey ate all the scraps :)

At the store the kids insisted on the lizard bread for dinner, again was too tired to make my heart shaped bread as planned.  

I made a heart shaped turkey meatloaf and scalloped potatoes as well

Then for dessert I made a giant heart cookie 

I added some ice cream, whipped cream and chocolate syrup to top it off! It was all so delicious and enjoyed by all!! Some recipes from this meal to come over the next few weeks. 

Have a great week!

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Monday, February 10, 2014

Valentine's Funfetti Cake

While shopping at Target this last weekend I decided to take a gamble and give a boxed cake another try. I have been making cakes and cupcakes from scratch for a few years now and to my surprise this cake was a hit.

I bought this mainly so that my daughter had something fun to do while my son napped that day and she had a blast helping me make it and decorate it with sprinkles. But not only did my daughter have fun making this, it was actually a decent tasting cake to my surprise. So I definitely wanted to share for those Mommies who are looking for something fun for Valentine's to do with their kids.

To decorate the cake I took two heart shaped cookie cutters and set them on the cake for my daughter to add the sprinkles onto and I loved the way it turned out! I have seen others on Pinterest who did something similar but with their child's age they were turning and I thought it would be fun to make with hearts.

This was a very simple recipe to make and even easier to decorate and best of all my daughter LOVED it and was fully entertained during a quiet nap time. 

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Friday, February 7, 2014

My daughter's Cinderella 4th birthday celebration!

Today I am sharing with you my daughter's Cinderella 4th birthday celebration that took place right before Christmas time.
 Originally my daughter was asking for a Sofia the First birthday party then a few months before the party I questioned her because I knew how much she loved Cinderella, she watched the movie nearly everyday. So I asked which one she would like and she was all over the idea of switching things up and having a Cinderella party, which was no surprise. 
The planning began right after that and I shared my inspiration for the party that I found of course using the amazing Pinterest. So after a few rushed months to get the party done it was all completed and turned out amazing! My daughter was on cloud 9 and enjoyed every moment of the planning and the day of.. So here it is:

To start I designed these adorable invitations for the party along with all the printed decor you will see below. You can visit my shop for more details here.

Here is the dessert table featuring one of the beautiful dresses that I had made from a talented seller on Etsy, named Greensies. I wanted this table to resemble the scene from the movie of the mice making the dress for Cinderella, which is one of my daughters favorite moments in the movie.

This was a small cake that I made for my daughter which I iced it using a rosette pattern. The glass slipper was purchased from a great shop on Etsy named The Glitter Shoppe.

The desserts

Since my daughters birthday party was shortly after Halloween I bought pumpkin candy to use as magical pumpkins and the teal Sixlets as Drizella's beads. 

These glass slipper cookies were so fun to make. I used a sugar cookie recipe and royal icing. I bought this cookie cutter set on Amazon to use for the slippers. 

This picture I actually traced and colored from the actual screen shot from the movie. This is the book that the mice referred to in the movie to make the dress. I cropped the screen shot, printed it out and traced away. It was such a fun addition to the table. 

Of course we had to have the mice at work on the table and these mice were hard to get. They do not make them anymore so I had to get them off eBay and luckily after a few weeks I found a listing with all of them for a good deal compared to the normal pricing on there. 

Here is the food table. I served light food such as tea sandwiches, fruits, vegetables, snacks etc. 

This was a frame I bought at Michael's and spray painted it pink. The birds I cut out using my Silhouette die cut machine. 

This was another favorite of mine. My daughter insisted we had to have cheese for the mice so of course I had to find a way to have mice "eating" cheese and I loved this idea.

I made these paper wheels then added clock hands to make them resemble the clock striking midnight in the movie. I also had some hanging outside in the doorway as guest came inside. 

Favor bags
Crowns and tiaras were cut out using glitter paper and my silhouette die cut machine

Happy Birthday banner

I used plastic table cloth rolls for the center arch between our two rooms to give it some color and it turned out much better than I thought it would. I simply pinned it in the center with a thumb tack then pinned on the two sides and added the tissue poms to cover up the pinned areas.

Some printables I made for the party

For activities we had a tea time station

We had a coloring Cinderella station

We had this castle up for the kids to play in and I added a banner to it that says Hailey's castle

We of course had to have a dress up station. 
We had shields and armor for the boys and my daughters collection of dress up dresses for the girls

I got these three dolls from the Disney store to add to our table for the accessories in the dress up area. The tiaras and crowns I purchased from the party store and the fairy wands I made using wood dowels, ribbon and tulle. 

The beautiful birthday girl!! 
She is wearing the other dress that we had made from the Etsy shop Greensies

Her is some party fun. My son and daughter playing :)

We of course had a surprise guest from the one and only Cinderella and that was my daughters favorite part most of all. 

If you are interested in this party pack of printables that I used for the party visit my shop here.

Thanks for taking a look at the party, 
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