Kid's Summer Art Projects!

Taking a look back on one of my favorite posts for the summer!

Today I am sharing these adorable painting projects that my daughter and I did in the spirit of summer. I tried sticking with the theme and of course used her cute little hands and feet to make the shapes of the projects. 

First I had my daughter make the shape of a sun by painting her hand yellow and pressing it onto the paper and doing that multiple times going in a circle to form the shape of a sun. Be sure to paint the hand with a coat of paint each time before pressing down. Once it is dry paint on a simple smiley face :)

My daughter loved this sun project!

Next I had her make a butterfly by using her feet print for the two wings then we used her thumb print for the center dots of the butterflies body. Once dry paint on a face with a small brush.      

This crab painting was totally easy and so much fun, just paint their hands red then press on the paper and once it is dry paint on the facial features of your choice. 

This caterpillar has to be my absolute favorite! It is the more complicated of these projects but still super easy to do. You want to pain the palm of the hand green and the fingers blue excluding your thumb, press that on the paper making the body. Then paint the palm of the hand red and only two fingers as well and paste on the picture for the head. Once this is try then use their finger print for the yellow part of the eyes and after that dries paint on the nose and black dots in the eyes. 

This lady bug was super easy and fun! Paint the foot red and the heal of the foot black. Press onto the paper and once that is dry add the black dots and face accents. 

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