About me
Hi! My name is Nichole. I am a wife to the man of my dreams and a stay at home Mom to the two most amazing kiddos out there. My family is everything to me and we strive to make every moment in life count. My children have opened my eyes to a new way of thinking, seeing and living. The free spirit and carefree life I have seen in my children has made me realize how precious it is to have in life. I try more and more everyday to live life to my fullest and enjoy every day as though it is my last.
I am a person who LOVES to celebrate every moment, experience and milestone in life. I love parties! I love the planning, the designing and every little detail you work so hard to put into making the party enjoyable for all. I have a creative side that is trying to burst out of me and it has been a lot of fun to see what I can do, make and create with it. I will be using my blog to share my life, my experiences and my creativity with all, so please enjoy!

Why the name Pinkie for Pink?
There really is no meaning behind the name. I was thinking of names and I am not sure why this name stuck other than I am obsessed with all things pink.. So I knew the name had to have something to do with pink.. So Pinkie for Pink it was!!


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