Monday, January 30, 2017

Easter Roundup

Anyone gearing up for Easter yet!? I wanted to share with everyone a roundup of all the Easter posts here on Pinkie for Pink. Take a look:

Thanks for stopping by.
I hope you all have a wonderful Easter!

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Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Valentine's Day Art Projects for Kid's

Taking a look back on these fun art projects I did with my daughter for Valentine's Day:


We couldn't have a holiday without doing some fun themed art projects with my daughter. She is nearly obsessed with painting now days and does it on a daily basis while my son naps. With Valentine's Day approaching us we had been working on a few fun projects and I wanted to share them with you all.

To start out the above picture is my favorite! 
I first painted the canvas a solid pink and let it dry
Then my daughter went to town using her finger prints for leaves in the shape of a heart
Then I painted a tree trunk once she was all done

This picture was a lot of fun for my daughter to make because she used a circle sponge brush 
for the first time and had a ball with it
I cut out a heart shape on my Silhouette die cut machine and pasted it to the paper using
 temporary scrapbook adhesive
My daughter started with the teal, then did pink then red

The painting process :)

I then gave my daughter some heart cut outs and she used her fingers to paint some fun designs :)

This picture was using the print of her hands, one partially on top of the other 
Then she went back and used finger prints around the heart

She used water colors on the heart cut out above

This was her own idea for a project she said which was all done by her fingers:)

Here is our completed Valentine's mantel with the two pieces added

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Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Halloween Fun...

Halloween is just around the corner so I thought I would share one of my favorite Halloween posts from back in the day!

My kids are growing up quickly now and don't let me do these fun projects with them anymore. So enjoy doing these with your little ones while you can!


In the spirit of Halloween my daughter and I spent the other afternoon making a few art projects to add to our art display and today I am sharing the projects with you. 

My favorite are these adorable Ghost feet

It was very simple, just paint their feet white and add the black accents with either a pen or a paint brush.

This adorable little Frankenstein was easy and done by painting the palm of the hand green and the four fingers black then adding the facial accents once dried. 

Here is a candy corn foot print that we did as well which was easily done by painting the three colors on the foot.

And lastly by my daughters request she wanted to make pink and purple witches with her feet! 

Check out our art project from last Halloween as well.

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Monday, November 2, 2015

Thanksgiving Burlap Banner Tutorial

Today I am sharing with you another popular Thanksgiving post from last year. This Thanksgiving Burlap Banner Tutorial was a fun project to make and I loved having it up on our mantel. Check out the tutorial below:


This year I made a burlap banner to go with my Fall/Thanksgiving mantel. Lucky for you I made a tutorial along the way to share with everyone, hope you enjoy!

Supplies you will need: 
Burlap type fabric, scissors, needles (if you want, not necessary), ribbon, ruffles, hot glue gun, Mod Podge(not pictured, sorry), extra fabric for accents if you would like, stencil for the burlap shape and font of some sort. 
You can paint letters on as well or use die cut letters like. 

Start by cutting out your banner shapes.
(this is where you could use the needles to hold down the stencil)

Once you have your shapes cut out I recommend using Mod Podge on the BACK of the fabric to stiffen it and to stop the fabric from fraying. 
I want to have the banner last for many years so that is why I really think this is important. 

I focused the most around the edges to stop the fraying then from there filled in the Mod Podge into the rest of the pieces.

Let the pieces dry. 
This took a few hours to get completely dry.

Take your ribbon of choice and hot glue it to the BACK of your burlap.

I just hot glued right along the top.

Measure out a piece of ruffled lace then hot glue that down to the top of the burlap.

This is what you should have

Continue these steps for the rest of your banner. 
I did about a 1 inch gap between the two burlap pieces.

This is the bottom "Thanks" section to my banner.

I then hot glued my letters onto the burlap.
I cut these out using my Silhouette machine.

Here you have it! 

I did have some fabric that matched my decorations so I cut strips and made flowers out of them.
You can add any type of accent that you would like. Felt flowers, ribbon flowers, bows etc. 
They would all look cute! 

Hope you enjoyed the tutorial! Here are some pictures of the finished product: 

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